8ft Backlit

10ft Backlit

12 Backlit

Table Accessories

  • Bluetooth Wireless Speakers
  • Oversized Cupholders
  • Table Cover
  • Built-In LED Possession Arrows
  • Colored Countertop

Backlit Tables Are Great Additional Pieces

We can add backlit tables to any existing table.

10ft LED with (2) 8ft Backlit Tables


8ft Digital with (2) 5ft Backlit Tables

10ft LED with (2) 8ft Backlit Tables

16ft Dual Screen has (2) 3ft Backlit Signs

(3) 8ft Digital Tables with (2) 5ft Backlit Tables

Table Details

  • Custom Backlit Signs That We Make and Install
  • ​3 Year Warranty on All Parts
  • 10 Outlets for Power
  • Grommets for Holding Wires
  • Countertop Height is 31" From the Floor
  • Table Width is 28" and Can Fit Through Any Standard Size Door
  • No Welded Seams to Crack, Bend or Break
  • All Parts are Custom Made and Easily Replaced During the Life of the Table
  • Safety Pads are Custom Made and Are 4" in Width and 2 1/2" in Height
  • Boostr Locking Wheels Give You 360 Degree Turn and Easy to Maneuver Into Storage