Crystal LED Digital Scorer's Table

Every table is custom built and handmade from the ground up.

Most Popular LEDs

Boostr’s LED scoring tables are manufactured starting at 5ft to any length you desire. Customized static or backlit signs can be added to any table. 

10ft LED Scorer's Table

16ft LED Scorer's Table

20ft Crystal LED Scorer’s Table

With customized static signs

30ft Crystal LED Scorer’s Table

Add Backlit Tables to Any LED!

10ft LED Scoring Table with (2) 8ft Backlits

10ft LED Scoring Table with (2) 5ft Backlits

What's Included

  • Wireless Presentation Software with Multiple Graphics and Templates (easy to use, with clear instructions and videos)
  • Seamless Crystal-Clear Presentations
  • Laptop Computer
  • Your Choice of Pad Color
  • Custom Graphics at Your Request


  • Unlimited Advertising
  • Connect to Gym Audio Systems
  • Pregame Hype Videos
  • Digital Scoreboards for all Indoor Sports
  • Game Prompts with a Click to Get the Crowd Excited
  • Starting Lineups for a Professional Environment
  • Motion Graphics - 3 Point Play, Slam Dunk,Concession Stand Announcements, etc.
  • Player Signings
  • Pep Rallys


  • Bluetooth Wireless Speakers
  • Built-in LED Possession Arrow
  • Cupholders
  • Colored Countertop
  • Custom Decals
  • Table Covers

Table Details

  • 4.8 mm Panels that are Crystal Clear HD Quality
  • No Welded Seams to Crack, Bend or Break - Every Table is Custom Built and Handmade from the Ground Up
  • LED Panels are Low Maintenance and Can Be Easily Replaced
  • Countertop Height is 31" from the Floor
  • Table width is 28" and Can Fit Through Any Standard Size Door
  • Safety Pads are Custom Made and 4” in Width and 2 ½” in Height
  • Boostr Locking Wheels Give You 360 Degrees Turn and Easy to Maneuver into Storage

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